Welcome to the OMSCS.

OMSCS is a very unusual (very unusual) Master's program. This is an unofficial site aimed at helping you learn your way around.

One of the first things you'll notice about OMSCS is that it's big. (Within a few short years we are expected to account for 8% of all CS MS graduates in the US.)

Another thing you'll quickly pick up is that there's a huge range of student professions and domains. There are countless web devs, countless mobile devs, countless professional educators, countless musicians, countless anything, really.

These two points together combine to yield an interesting phenomenon: OMSCS is very student-driven. Outside of the classes themselves, most of the really useful tools in the program are thrown together by some student who went, "Man, why don't we even have a simple X for Y yet?"

This page hopes to introduce you to many of those tools as you go into your first semester. If you find it useful, bookmark it and come back to it now and again, as your peers will try to keep it up to date; if you think it could be better, please (please!) edit!


When will I get my Georgia Tech e-mail address?

When it's ready.

But wait, all the OMSCS student tools require a GATech e-mail! So what do I do until then?

Well, the good news is, obscure workarounds will allow you to sidestep this requirement in most instances if you really want to begin preparing for your classes early. Here are some ideas:

Any other "common knowledge" not covered in the FAQ or the orientation?

Hmm. A few things come to mind:

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